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DIY For the Wino in you!

So last week I had to come up with a way to promote a weekly special at a restaurant. I had seen other establishments put messages on wine bottles & place the bottles on the table. I thought it was brilliant and got to work!

The hardest part was removing the labels... actually it was drinking all the wine. Just kidding. I asked the staff to please set aside empty wine bottles and corks. Back to removing the labels...

I tried dishwashing soap & baking soda in hot water. I also filled the wine bottles with hot water so they didn't float and it warms glue from inside out. With a couple of the bottles this worked great the labels peeled right off and a few of the bottles not so much. So on to the chemical route and I got some goo gone. I had a little scaping to do with a butter knife but the goo gone worked great. I saturated the labels with it and let it sit.

I had to write the weekly special on the wine labels so the customers could see it. I purchased Avery Arched Labels 3" high. I wish I had got the 4" but oh well. Typed the message in Word program (wish I could of brought the template into photoshop.) I had problems printing the labels at home naturally so I brought them to Staples and it came out ok. The template I chose had the burgandy color in it already.

Then I decided the bottles needed a little something more so I taped off the bottle with painters tape and with my left over chalk paint I painted a chalk label. Then I wrote the talbe #'s on each one. Next I topped if off with some black curly ribbonaround the neck of the bottle so it doesnt get thrown away by the bus boy and wah lah! I thought the darker wines bottles looked better than the clear ones. I would imagine doing a glitter label on the clear bottles.

After I made about 24 of these I thought how cute these would be for a dinner party, or a house warming gift (filled with wine,) wedding shower, birthday party. You can write a message with chalk or chalk the arch label. Sharpie makes gold & bronze markers and I used the gold one to make little edging design on the chalk label. You can personalize the bottles on the top chalk label and write a message on the bottom arched label. Next one I do for sure will be with pink glitter and chalk labels probably on a champagne bottle . Maybe for Valentines day? So drink up Wino's and give the best gift around because you made it yoursefl! Only now the gift can be just as fabulous as you!


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