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Why should I choose Senza Sole'Sunless Tanning ?
Jennifer is a true perfectionists! She has spent hours training with Norvell University to become Master Certified Sunless Experts as well as performing hundreds of spray tans every year. She will go out of her  way to make sure you achieve the very best and natural looking tan results – every time. This isn’t a spray booth where you hope for the best, this is a custom hand applied airbrush tan. We will consult with you on the desired color of your tan and take our time making sure you receive a perfect application and making sure you feel comfortable. We use a beautiful product that is natural and hydrating for your skin, almond and raspberry based – which means you won’t smell like a tanning bed!  We take our time customizing the tan and blending it in all the right areas. Don’t just take our word for it, check around, we have hundreds of glowing reviews across the internet.

How do I prepare for my spray tan appointment?

Shower, shave and exfoliate(if possible 48 hrs before a spray tan) very well. You should have nothing on your skin when you come to your appointment (no lotion, deodorant, perfume, make-up, etc). Properly preparing for your tan will help to achieve excellent results.


How long will my spray tan last?

5-7 days depending on your skin and skin care. This depends on how well you follow the pre and post tan directions as well as the skins natural exfoliation process. Daily moisturizing with a professional product (we recommend Hempz or a body butter) and avoiding hot tubs or swimming will help to extend the life of your tan. You should also avoid products high in alcohol or oil and shower with body wash instead of bar soap. Spray Tan should fade naturally like a real tan would.


How long does the tan session take?

Your custom session normally takes about 15 minutes.


When Can I shower?
We suggest you wait up to 24 hrs for maximum results.However if you cannot wait 8-12 hrs are what some choose to do.


What should I wear for my spray tan session?
Whatever you are comfortable with! Many people wear bathing suits, underwear or nothing at all. We ask that men wear underwear, boxers, etc during the spray. Always bring lose, dark clothing and flip flops to wear home after your tan.


Am I going to turn orange?
We’ve all seen and heard these horror stories. Turning orange is a result of too much DHA being applied to your skin or poor product. We use beautiful bronze based products and custom apply the correct amount based on your skin tones. No Snooki’s here!


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