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Competition & Photo Shoot Spray Tans

Getting ready for a competition or photo shoot is not an easy task. There is a lot of time,effort, dedication & sacrafice that goes into it.  All the cooking, shopping, dieting and working out along with living your regularyly scheduled is not easy. Most clients when they reach there goal would like to have some pictures taken but definetely need to be stage ready. That is where we come in!  Here at Senza Sole' we are familar with the competiion  process and work with you on your schedule. We use only the BEST products and get you  stage ready with no stress!

"My first full body experience with spray tanning was definitely a positive one, and took about as much time as I would have spent
in a tanning bed."
-Blogging to Bliss
Jan Tana Competition Spray

Jan Tana Competition Spray



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"If you've been to a tanning salon, you've no doubt seen the literature about the risks of tanning beds. They can do damage to your eyes, mess with medication, subject you to cancer, and then there are all the lovely risks of laying in a dirty bed. "

-Errands Ect.

Our Clients

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