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The Power of a Spray Tan

Most people would agree that everyone looks better with a tan. Well why wouldn't they?

1. You automatically look like you dropped 5lbs. 2.You feel amazing! 3. Your skin gets drenched with vitamins. Lets face it when you feel good you are GOOD period. Feeling good empowers you to be confident and confident people succeed. Some things most people may not know about spray tannng. Well first thing and most important is that you wont be Orange! Well at least I can guarantee you at Senza Sole' you wont be orange. Reasons why this may happen are a few. 1. DHA when to much is applied to the skin you run the risk of causing a orange look as it fades.2 oz is the correct amount of solution to be applied to the body for the best results. 2. The Product. Thankfully I have partnered with Norvell and the results are amazing! They use the best ingridients that have a brown base to them. Off the Beach glow every time! 3. Hand Held Custom Spray Tans. Although you may have to get over being shy but nothing is better that a CUSTOM hand held spray tan by a professional. 4. Your Skin. DHA works with the top layer of your skin. It is important to moistorize after you wait the 24 hrs to rinse. Also to exfoliate the day or two before you come for maximum results. 5. MINUTES. It takes 5 minute to spray one client not including getting dressed ect. So if you are short on time dont worry you could be beautified and out the door in 15 minutes. Mom's our studio is KID friendly. I suggest that clients wear loose clothes to throw back on. Putting something tight on the skin right away would leave a tan line. A spray tan would generally last 5-7 days.

I hope these tips helped and if you have any questions be sure to contact me at: or Tweet me @sunlessjfer

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